Giving Back: Hershey Malaysia shows appreciation to Covid-19 Frontliners

The Covid-19 outbreak is a crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

As a company which cares about society, Hershey Malaysia took action to convey appreciation to the country’s frontliners who are working tirelessly to curb the outbreak.


With the rapid escalation of COVID-19 cases around the world, the frontliners have high exposure and have to endure long hours in their work to do their part to reduce lost lives. The frontliners are going through physical, mental & emotion challenges in serving the nations. Hershey Malaysia is taking proactive steps to show appreciation to these frontliners.

Hershey’s chocolate was known to keep the American soldiers energized, back in the World War II. On March 31, 2020, Hershey Malaysia has donated chocolates to our country frontliners. Why chocolate? Because it is an energy booster for the frontliners. Hershey’s chocolate is able to give them instant energy to continue their endless tasks during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The excursion,led by Senior QRC Manager, Shukrizah and assisted by Che Siti Zaizny, was to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital & Permai Hospital. 1250 bags of chocolate were given away to the frontliner heroes consisting of Doctors, Medical Assistance, RELA, Police, Soldier and other volunteers.

With smiles captured in the pictures, The Hershey Company is proud to be able to bring them happiness and to make their day.

Many thanks to the Hershey staff who made this program a success during these difficult circumstances and to ensure the plant keeps running smoothly.

Special thanks to QRC, Planning & Logistic, Warehouse, Finance & Security that work shoulder to shoulder for this program.

“Feels good when we can do good to people” Shukrizah Zainuddin, QRC Sr Manager

“Our front liners are all now fatigue. We just thought of something which could boost their mood, make them feels good. Hershey’s Chocolate is the perfect choice.” Permai Hospital Doctor.

“Chocolate is a quick snack that can give an instant energy as compared to traditional food such as rice, cakes, etc.” Volunteers

“Good noble work. Thank you for making a difference to our frontline medical staffs” Subas Visvalingam, Site Director

This is from ALL OF US for those who are willing to risk their lives to fight Covid-19. Thank you to Malaysia’s frontliners, you guys are the true heroes in life!

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