MY JOHOR ONLINE is a digital news media company dedicated to delivering the latest news and information to its readers. With a modern and creative touch, MY JOHOR ONLINE is committed to serve readers and society, ensure the continued strength of our news and business, and cultivate a healthy and vibrant culture of the times.

We look forward to creating meaningful digital connections that tell a brand story together. We want to turn businesses into your long-term subscribers. We will accompany you to help you expand your business to a higher level. With an idea on how to serve the community, we thought this would be a good one. Telling local and nationwide stories, so the community will benefit or even learn something from it. We tell stories that focus on keeping the community at the forefront. Highlights on what’s happening, small and big businesses, events, etc.   

We aim to provide helpful, comprehensive, and inspiring content covering the fundamentals of marketing of most businesses and the well-being of the community.

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