A special committee meeting on Pandemic Management today agreed to allow phase transition for the following states with effect from 24th September 2021:

  • Negeri Sembilan from Phase 3 to Phase 4
  • Pahang from Phase 2 to Phase 3
  • Johor fromPhase 1 to Phase 2

The transition of this phase is in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Rehabilitation Plan (PPN) taking into account hospitalization for vibrating cases, the use of ICU beds as well as the complete percentage of vaccinations.

This decision is also made based on current risk assessments made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the national security council (NSC).

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for states entering Phases 2, 3 and 4, are the same as previously. The latest SOP description will be updated by MKN on the official website of www.mkn.gov.my.

In addition, among other rulings that are also decided today, are:

  1. Grocery stores, mini market, restaurants, petrol stations and convenience stores are allowed to operate from 6am to12pm effective 23rd September 2021.
  2. Allowing the opening of tourism centres, islands or  tourist  areas as well as cross-state  activities are allowed provided that they achieve 90 percent adult vaccination rate based on data and analysis which has been done by the MOH.
  3. Spa business operations, wellness centres and health massages are allowed to visitors and operators who have received a complete dose of the vaccine starting October 1st,  2021
  4. Centers/premises/tourism  products such as zoos, plantations, aquariums, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing tours and jungle parks, are allowed to operate in all phases of VAT-enforceable October 1, 2021 with all employers/operatorsand visitors/visitors fully vaccinated.
  5. The attendance of employees for each business allowed to operate is at a capacity of 100% provided that the employer and all employees are completely vaccinated.
  6. Foreigners arriving at international entrances will have to bear the cost of rt-PCR tests at the country’s entrance, while for citizens it is free.

The Government calls for the flexibility given, it can be fully utilized by the people with full discipline and a sense of responsibility. Obey every prescribed SOP, wear facemasks, practice physical distancing and always maintain cleanliness and personal safety.

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Picture by Malaysia National Security Council & @ismailsabri60

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