October 2021 – Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd (“KOSSAN”), through its corporate and social responsibility arm, KOSSAN Foundation (“Yayasan KOSSAN” or “YK”), kickstarted the ‘United to Nourish’ programme in collaboration with the Selangor State Social Welfare Department (“JKM Selangor”) at a symbolic handover session held at Bengkel Daya Klang, Selangor earlier today. Present at the session were KOSSAN and Yayasan KOSSAN corporate and exco representatives, JKM Selangor Director of Social Welfare, Dr Zaitol binti Salleh, and JKM Selangor district representatives, beneficiaries from the welfare homes and households, witnessed by several funders and sponsors of the ‘United to Nourish’ programme.

“The strategic collaboration between JKM Selangor and KOSSAN through Yayasan KOSSAN, culminating into the community engagement initiative ‘United to Nourish’ is truly appreciated. With the involvement of multiple collaborators in this programme, we hope that this will be emulated by many others to come forward in a cohesive manner towards a common responsibility for the welfare of those in need,” commended the Director of Social Welfare of JKM Selangor, Dr Zaitol binti Salleh.

The Programme Significance

The ‘United to Nourish’ programme is an initiative championed by KOSSAN and Yayasan KOSSAN with strategic partnerships with JKM Selangor, JKM Perak and KOSSAN’s business partners in engaging and reaching out to the community via the provision and distribution of essential needs, primarily food as the basic necessity to living. The programme is expected to benefit approximately 10,000 identified households, individuals and welfare homes in the states of Selangor and Perak.

Mr Lee Tiam Yew, a caregiver at Lee Tiam Yew Elderly Centre (“Pusat Orang Tua Lee Tiam Yew”) in Klang, expressed his gratitude, “The food aid received from KOSSAN and Yayasan KOSSAN has enabled us to provide better food quality for our residents. Our savings from this is channelled instead to the critical medical needs of procuring medication and medical services for residents who have health problems. We are very grateful for being selected as one of the beneficiaries of the ‘United to Nourish’ programme.”

Mdm Saroja Thanamony a/p Frederick William, House Manager of Stillwaters Golden Villa Elder Care (“Pusat Jagaan Wargamas Air Tenang”) in Klang concurred, “KOSSAN and Yayasan KOSSAN have both been our guardian angels in times of needs, particularly of the food and care package provisions. We are grateful for the ‘United to Nourish’ community engagement initiative as a beneficiary; thank you  KOSSAN for being continuously there for us in addressing our needs!”

The ‘United to Nourish’ programme bears a significance as it demonstrates active participation not only of KOSSAN and Yayasan KOSSAN, but also the concerted effort seen in the pooling of resources and funding from more than 30 KOSSAN business partners from 10 countries, resulting in a community engagement initiative of this scale that is made possible with the pooled contribution amounting to about RM1,000,000 that goes towards the ‘United to Nourish’ programme implementation.

On KOSSAN’s part, the programme is one of the many corporate and social responsibility initiatives in reaching out to the community where it operates in as well as addressing the immediate needs of the community.

“KOSSAN remains committed particularly in its community engagement initiatives not only during this time but as a continuous, disciplined pursuit that bring forth values to our stakeholders including the community. At KOSSAN and with the support of Yayasan KOSSAN, we hope to be able to reach out and make a difference in the lives out there,” said Lawrence Lim, Executive Director of KOSSAN, also President of Yayasan KOSSAN.

The ‘United to Nourish’ programme also corresponds with Yayasan KOSSAN’s tagline: WE LOVE WE CARE WE HELP which aims to enhance the well-being of the community and society through the realization of its vision in ‘making life better for all’.

Details and Pictures by Kossan

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