Starting today, Grab Malaysia will be imposing a cancellation fee on passengers who cancel when using their transport services.

The good news is that if the cancellation is done within 5 minutes of getting a driver, there will be no cancellation fee imposed. The cancellation fee will only be imposed if the passenger cancels after 5 minutes of getting a driver, or if the driver cancels after waiting for more than 5 minutes at the pick-up point (3 minutes for GrabShare).

This cancellation fee is implemented to deter passengers from abusing the system. This fee will not be going to company, and will be paid to the drivers to compensate them for the trouble they went through to pick up the passengers.

The cancellation fee depends on the Grab service being used:

Malaysia’s largest e-hailing service assures passengers that they will be keeping an open channel for appeal, for those had to cancel because of a genuine emergency or a mistake. If passengers have been kept waiting for more than 10 minutes after the estimated time of arrival, the cancellation fee will also not be imposed.

What about drivers who cancel on passengers? Grab already has strict measures in place to reduce abuse by serial cancelling drivers. For instance, drivers who repeatedly ask passengers to cancel could result in a suspension or even a permanent ban.

For more information, read Grab’s cancellation policy.

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