Reminder to members of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) below age 55 years that i-Citra application submission is due this 30th September 2021.

The i-Citra withdrawal was introduced following the announcement of the “Pakej Perlindungan Rakyat dan Pemulihan Ekonomi” (Pemulih) by Former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 28 June 2021, as a temporary relief measure to help EPF members tide over the economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, balancing today’s demands against future needs.

Below are Frequently Ask Questions for your understanding of the procedure

  1. Why was i-Citra introduced?
    The issuance of i-Citra was introduced to provide additional financial facilities to members affected by the MCO in order to meet the basic needs for their survival.
  2. Who is eligible to apply?
    EPF members below 55 years of age, including non-citizens and permanent residents; and have a minimum savings amount of RM150 in the EPF Account as at the date of application.
  3. Can a member who is a member of the public service and is in a pension scheme of service apply for i-Citra?
    Civil servants can apply for i-Citra. However, they are likely to face the risk of using the government’s shares which need to be returned to the government later.
  4. How much is the amount of withdrawal eligible to be withdrawn?
    a. The amount eligible for withdrawal is up to a maximum of RM5,000.
    b. Monthly pay will be made up to five (5) months
    c. The prescribed fee is RM1,000 per month or subject to total savings balance
    d. The minimum payment is RM50.
    e. Leave a balance of at least RM100 in Account 1
    f. The eligible amount of withdrawal is based on the amount of member’s savings on the date the application is processed less future i-Sinar payment (if any)

Illustration of payment of withdrawal amount as below:

Note: The amount of payment is rounded down to the nearest ten.
This withdrawal fee does not affect the ongoing member i-Sinar monthly payment.

5. How do I use the Savings account 2 and Account 1 for i-Citra payments? Payment i-Citra will make full use of the savings in Account 2 first. If it is insufficient, the savings in Account 1 will be used.

Illustration on the savings of  Account 2 &1 as below

6. Why is the maximum amount of i-Citra limited to RM5,000 only? 

A maximum amount of RM5,000 is intended to help members to survive by balancing their retirement savings needs.

7. Why should members maintain a minimum savings in Account 1 of RM100?

A minimum savings of RM100 must be maintained in Account 1 in order to maintain the status as a member of the EPF.

8. When can i-Citra application be made?

Applications can be made from 12th July 2021 to 30th September 2021.

9. How to apply for i-Citra Expenses? 

Application is only online through the i-Citra Online portal. However, this portal is only accessible starting  12th July 2021.

10. Can members apply for i-Citra if they have applied for i-Lestari and i-Sinar?

Yes, subject to eligibility as stated in Question 2.

11. When does the i-Citra payment start?

Payment for applications made in July is expected to be paid from August 2021. 

12. How will i-Citra payments be made to experts?

Payment for i-Citra  Withdrawal will be credited directly into the member’s bank account.

Make sure the conditions below are met to ensure the payment affairs of i-Citra run smoothly. 

  • Savings or current bank accounts.
  • The bank account is still active.
  • The Bank Account is in the name of the member himself (not joint/ company account).

If a member does not have a bank account (with bankruptcy status), member may apply for payment of i-Citra by Payment Instruction when applying at the i-Citra Online portal. 

However, payment of i-Citra via Payment Instruction method will take time and members must be present at the selected branch for the collection of the Payment Instructions.

13. Monthly payment i-Citra will stop    if;

The applying member reaches the age of 55  years; or

There are any full approved withdrawals (e.g. Disability Withdrawal, Leaving the Country, Death etc.); or

Expert makes i cancellation -Citra

14. Can the member cancel the i-Citra application? 

Yes, you can. Members may cancel the application upon approval and the subsequent payment will be discontinued.

Re-application is not allowed.

15. Can the i-Citra Withdrawal amount be amended?

Members are NOT ALLOWED to make changes in the amount after the application is made.

16. What happens to the member’s monthly contribution after  the payment  of the  i-Citra Withdrawal ends?

In the event that the i-Citra Withdrawal amount utilises the savings from Account 1, all new contributions will be fully credited into Account 1 to the extent that the amount has been withdrawn.

After that, member contributions will return to normal (70% into Account 1 and 30% into Account  2).

The rationale for replenishing the savings in Account 1 is to ensure that members have post-retirement savings.

17. Is the i-Citra Withdrawal fee given priority compared to other withdrawals?

Yes, i-Citra payment is given priority over other withdrawal fees.

However, if members also receive i-Sinar Withdrawal payment and Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal, this withdrawal fee will be given priority.

18. Can the savings in a Gold Account be used for i-Citra Withdrawal?

Gold Account savings CANNOT be used for i-Citra Withdrawal.

Gold Account is the contribution of members after the age of 55. Members are eligible to withdraw this extra deposit upon the age of 60. This is to ensure the adequacy of members’ retirement savings during that time.

19. How can members check their EPF savings amount?

Members can check their savings via: 

i-Akaun (Member)

i-Akaun mobile app

EPF kiosks (including EPF kiosks on third party premises)

20. How do members check the latest status of i-Citra application? 

Members can check the status of the application through:

Check The Status of Request menu in i-Citra Online; or

Withdrawal  > Withdrawal History menu on i-Akaun (Member)

21. Refer to the following channels for any queries and further information   regarding the i-Citra Withdrawal:

The official EPF website is 

Ask ELYA on the EPF’s official   website 

EPF’s official social media (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

Hotline i-Citra at    03-8922 4848

Details and Picture from EPF Malaysia

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