Johor Bahru, July 2021 – Hershey Malaysia has donated 9 Cases of Hershey’s chocolate containing Hershey’s Cookies & Cream & Almond bars to our country frontliners in Johor Bharu Quarantine Centre & Pasir Gudang Quarantine Centre.  Why chocolate? Because Hershey’s chocolate was known to keep the American soldiers energized, back in World War II.  It is an instant energy booster for the frontliners to help them continue their endless task during the Covid-19 outbreak.  In addition, Hershey Malaysia also taking proactive steps to show appreciation by contributing 100 bottles of 500ml Hand Sanitizers, 10,000pcs of adult Surgical Face Masks, 5,000pcs of kids Face Masks, 150 pcs of Face shields & additional 4 units of DELL laptop to help the frontliners expedite their administration task daily at the Quarantine Centre.

Johor Bahru Quarantine Centre

10 CSR Committees & Volunteers from Hershey Malaysia have participated in this heart-warming program including the PLTs. Due to MCO restrictions, we only allow 3 CSR Committee representatives to be at the Quarantine Centres to lead the donation program.

Many thanks to Hershey staff who work shoulder to shoulder to make this program succeed at this difficult time!

Pasir Gudang Quarantine Centre

This is from ALL OF US for those who are willing to risk their lives to fight Covid19. Thank you to Malaysia’s frontliners, you guys are the true heroes in life!

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